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If you’re like countless other people, your paycheck is going almost as quickly as you get it. You use it to pay bills and other everyday expenses, which means there’s very little left over for anything else. As a result, you might find yourself strapped for cash in between paychecks, which can really put you in a money related pickle until your next payday. What if you have an unexpected car repair, a household appliance breaks down, or you just need some extra cash to pay for whatever comes up, but you don’t have access to any money until your next paycheck comes in? That’s where a payday advance loan can come in handy.

A payday advance loan is exactly what it sounds like: a short-term loan that acts as an advance on your next payday. Essentially, you borrow money from a lender and the money is paid back (with interest) from your next paycheck. Basically, it’s like getting your next paycheck early. Typically, these loans are for a small amount of money – around $500 or less. If a payday advance loan sounds like something that could help you when you’re in a financial bind, read on to learn more about how you can secure one.

Advance Payday Loans Online

Like virtually anything else you might need, one of the easiest ways to get payday cash advance loans is online. There are tons of lenders who offer these types of loans right through the World Wide Web. You fill out an application right online, and if you’re approved, the money is deposited right into your bank account. Payments are also made online or you can arrange to have the money you have to pay back taken right out of your next paycheck.

How do you find a payday advance loan online? It’s easy! Just type “payday loan advances near me” or “advance america payday loans” into your browser and you’ll receive a vast array of results to choose from. Some of the companies that offer online payday advance loans include:

• Green Day Online
• Payday Champion
• Check ‘n Go
• Money Key
• My Payday Loan
• Lend Up

While each company has different rules and regulations, the basic concept of applying for, receiving, and paying back the money you borrowed is the same. Make sure you do your due diligence and research the different companies so you can find the option that will work best for your needs.

Payday Advance Loans for Bad Credit

Have bad credit? Think it will affect your ability to secure a payday advance loan? Think again! Generally speaking, lenders that offer payday advance loans aren’t interested in your credit; rather, their primary concern is whether or not you can pay them back. To qualify, you’ll need to have a reliable source of income; in other words, you’ll need to prove that you have a paycheck coming in, the money from which can be used to pay back the money you borrowed. Do note, however, that with some companies, if you have bad credit – just like with any other type of loan – your interest rate may be higher (even more so than the already high interest rates that are tacked onto these loans). Nevertheless, if your credit is subpar and you need money now, a payday advance loan is definitely an option worth considering.

Some of the different lenders that offer payday advance loans for people with bad credit include:

• Money Mutual
• Cash Advance
• Cash in a Snap
• My Payday Loan
• Spot Loan
• Bonsai Finance
• One Click Cash

There are also web pages you can check over to help you deal with debts and bad credit ratings.

Federal Trade Commission
American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc.

payday advance loans

Payday Advance Loans Near Me

Would you rather have a face-to-face interaction with a lender than work with a company online? If so, you’re probably wondering where you can secure payday advance loans near me. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a financer that offers payday advance short-term loans in your local area. Many check cashing services and funding corporations – which can be found in virtually every corner of the country – provide these types of loans.

Not sure where to find a payday advance loan near me? Just do a quick search on your computer and you’ll likely find plenty of results. Like you would with any lender, make sure you find out about qualifications, as well as the terms and conditions of the loan, before you proceed.

Payday Advance Loans No Credit Check

If you’re worried about your credit being checked, you’ll want to apply for payday advance loans that involve no credit checks. As previously discussed, most lenders that fund payday advance loans aren’t interested in your credit; rather, they just want to be sure that you can repay the money you borrow, as well as the interest on the payday cash advance loans, in a timely fashion. Instead of assessing your credit, these lenders will check your employment history to ensure that you have a secure source of money coming in, and will want to know when your next paycheck will be delivered.

There are several lenders that offer advance payday loans with no credit check. Some of the options that are available include:

• Green Day Online
• Payday Champion
• Spotya
• One Click Cash
• Gsh Loans

Advance America Payday Loans Direct Lenders

With payday advance loans direct lenders, the individual you are applying for a loan with plays a big part in providing you with the funding you need. Direct lenders oversee the entire lending process, from approval to repayment. Working with a direct lender for a payday advance loan provides several benefits; namely, it’s a lot more convenient, as you’ll get a decision regarding approval a lot faster, the process is a lot more secure, and it’s just a lot easier, as you will work directly with the individual who will be approving and funding your loan.

There are plenty of payday advance loans direct lenders available. Advance America is one of the most reputable lenders, as is Cash America Today. As always, make sure you are familiar with the stipulations before you agree to the terms and conditions so that you can make the best choice for your financial needs.


How To Get Started?
All you have to do is to click “Apply Now” and follow the instructions provided. You need to provide your details and other required information on the online form. Once you have completed the form, submit it and wait for the results. The application process would only take a couple of minutes. You will receive a notification once results are in.
What Are Unsecured Loans?
Unsecured loans are fairly common source of funds especially if you have no collateral to provide. These types of loans requires no collateral and are easier to obtain compared to secured business loans. It is primarily backed by the borrower’s creditworthiness. Unsecured loans have high interest rates since it is not backed by a collateral.
Do I Need A Guarantor?
Typically, applying for such loans require a guarantor if you have bad credit or thin credit line. Since unsecured loans require no collateral, it would be risky for lenders to have no added assurance. However, if you have established a good credit history, a guarantor is no longer necessary.
How Fast Can I Get The Funds?
Using our online lending solutions, you can have the funds deposited to your account within minutes. Unlike traditional lending processes, you don’t have to visit banks or lending centers to get the funds you need. Once you’re approved for the loan, the funds you have requested is automatically sent to your account. You can have it in as fast as 15 minutes.
Is There Any Complicated Requirements?
No. Since it doesn’t require you to provide collateral, there’s no other document needed from you except a proof of income or employment certificate. There’s no need to provide any complicated documents or requirements for you to apply for a loan.
What Happens If I Miss My Payment?
There are times that people miss their payments. We understand. Some lenders tend to be lenient for 1 to 2 months. However, intentionally failing to make payments can have serious consequences. The lender may demand additional fees or charges. Worse, it can severely affect your credit rating.
What If I Lied On My Application?
Lying on your loan application is not recommended. If a lie is caught, the lender has the full authority to void your loan agreements entirely. You may also face additional charges or fees. Falsifying documents could also lead to serious offenses.


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